Neutrog Bush Tucker 4kg

Neutrog Bush Tucker 4kg

Bush Tucker Premium Native Plant Fertiliser has been developed to meet the needs of all Australian native plants which are notoriously sensitive to phosphorus.

Bush Tucker is a complete, organic based boosted fertiliser specifically developed for Grevillea, Banksia and Protea but is also an excellent choice for all other Australian natives.

It not only supplies a wide range of essential nutrients, but more importantly provides a catalyst (through the introduction of beneficial microbes/bacteria) for stimulating the natural processes that occur in the soil – unlocking further nutrients and enhancing root growth.

This extra root growth provides a greater soil surface area from which your plants can draw nuturients and moisture

– Pellet Form

– Organic Based

– Boosted Fertiliser

Ingredient breakdown: 10:1:8 – Low in Phosphorus – Ideal for even the most phosphorus sensitive plants.

Developed in conjunction with native plant expert Angus Stewart and soil scientists Simon Leake.


Apply 100g per square metre to garden beds that have been pre-soaked. Keep fertiliser at least 20cms away from the base of the plant and avoid foliar contact.

Best applied once new season growth has started, then every three months after that or as required.